Donate a Medela Breast Pump

Unfortunately, due to a large number of donations and not as many organizations to place them with, we are unable to accept more pump donations at this time.  Thank you for seeking us out and we will post if and when we are able to accept them again in the future.

We are collecting gently used Medela Breast Pumps that are used by the NICUs around the world, including Africa, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean.  The pumps are sent with Neonatologists that travel to these areas throughout the year to provide their services and these pumps will be provided to moms that would like to breast feed their sick child.  This allows them to provide an invaluable gift of breast milk to their new child while lifting a burden from their already stressful situation of having a baby in NICU.  Medela is the preferred brand because the hospital can provide replacement parts to the families for this particular manufacturer.