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We’ve all experienced those days where it feels like we catch every red light on a busy commute and nothing seems to be going right. But what happens when we’re intentional about stopping to look for the small glimmers of joy, even in those heavier days? Allow me to introduce you to today’s guest to answer that question.

Gina Prosch is a writer and teacher who has made it her mission to help children and adults find joy in even the most difficult days. Her childrens books are perfect for little ones who may be experiencing a harder season of life, and provide parents with inspiring ways to keep hope alive.

In our conversation, you’ll hear a few ways you can train and reframe your mind to look for the joy around you, reflect on your past experiences, and tools to guide children through failures and tough challenges.

Key Takeaways with Gina Prosch

  • Finding hope during a tough time
  • Establishing healthy gratitude and accountability habits
  • Training and reframing your brain to look for joy
  • Tips to navigate a harder season of life with optimism
  • Helping children grow through mistakes and failures
  • The difference between positive and negative instruction
  • Shifting your mentality from “I have to” to “I get to”

Gina Prosch Tweetables

  • “Looking for joy changes the way you experience the day. Instead of looking for every red light I hit along the way I started looking for every green light.” – Gina Prosch
  • “Look at yourself as a role model: you’ve got a 100% track record of surviving difficult days so keep going, you can make it through this one too.” – Gina Prosch
  • “Hope is about hard work, optimism, perseverance, and eventually you will get there. You have to work through all of these components. It’s not enough to just sit there and hope, you have to play a proactive part in your own life.” – Gina Prosch
  • “Disappointment really is easier to take when you know you’ve given it your very best shot.” – Gina Prosch
  • “Changing your focus from ‘I have to’ to ‘I get to’ makes a huge difference.” – Gina Prosch


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