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Jonny Imerman

Even though symptoms and conditions are always unique, there is one thing most people who’ve recently been diagnosed with a difficult condition have in common: the search for hope and answers to many questions.

Today’s guest, Jonny Imerman, has made it his life mission to bridge that gap; through his non-profit, Imerman Angels, Jonny has connected thousands of cancer survivors with recently diagnosed cancer patients. After getting diagnosed with cancer at 26 and going through years of complicated treatments and surgeries, Jonny found purpose and meaning in his traumatic experience by helping others.

Through Immerman’s Angels, he helps those in the thick of it (including caregivers) navigate the uncertainties of a difficult reality, changing lives through human connection.

In this episode, we discuss the benefits of opening up during trying times, overcoming survivor’s guilt, and the joy that comes from helping others. And as a helpful reminder: don’t forget to schedule your annual check-ups, they could help save your life.

Key Takeaways with Jonny Imerman

  • How yearly check-ups can save your life
  • Finding purpose, meaning, and positivity in a difficult journey
  • Spreading hope through survivor stories
  • The life-changing power of genuine connection
  • Seeking guidance through mentorship
  • The joy in guiding others through difficult times
  • Understanding survivor’s guilt
  • Opening up as a way to process a difficult experience
  • Connecting with caregivers going through similar journeys

Jonny Imerman Tweetables

  • “Knowledge is power. And knowledge earlier is always better. So that is the reminder for everyone to go in and go get checked.” — Jonny Imerman
  • “Survivors know, and we should be sharing our experiences to make someone else feel less alone and scared. We should be making that journey easier.” — Jonny Imerman
  • “You have the ability to connect differently to people when you’ve earned your stripes and you’ve walked the walk.” — Jonny Imerman
  • “When you stop and you strive to help another person, the innate joy you feel as an individual almost makes you feel guilty; the point is to help someone else, but there is a byproduct of joy.” — Jamie Freedlund
  • “If you are able to be open you are dealing with it; you are accepting it. So we encourage people to be as open as they can.” — Jonny Imerman
  • “Joy is not found in some masterplan for the future, it’s just being present where you are and breathing in the living things that are around you.”  — Jamie Freedlund
  • “Genuine connection has the power to change lives.” — Jamie Freedlund


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