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At the age of 16, Veronica Porter’s son was in a tragic car accident that left him in a coma for three weeks. His brain injury resulted in permanent brain damage that has affected him and everyone around him in many ways. Still, his disability is not obvious or apparent to the naked eye.

Despite the injury, Veronica’s son is a very high-functioning and capable young man whose symptoms only show up occasionally, leaving those around him who are unfamiliar with his story confused about his actions.

Today, Veronica shares the story of how she started a business designed to combine the benefits of eating healthy food with the importance of making every member of our society feel seen and included: especially those with hidden disabilities and our veterans with PTSD.

Through Ask Aunt V, Veronica teaches cooking classes that help others embrace the benefits of eating clean organic foods and uses those proceeds to grow food in Chicago. She employs people with hidden disabilities and veterans with PTSD, promoting a work pace that makes sense for them.

In our conversation, Veronica shares excellent advice on the impact we can have on other people’s lives (both in our family and in our community), how to help children and adults with disabilities build their self-esteem, and how to support parents in our community caring for children with disabilities.

Key Takeaways with Veronica Porter

  • Ways to provide care for a child with hidden disabilities.
  • Veronica’s vision on how to change the ways in which society handles hidden disabilities.
  • How she is creating career opportunities for those with disabilities.
  • The impact that clean, organic food has on your health.
  • The impact that creating inclusion has in our community while breaking down barriers in communication.
  • Making the choice to show up for others, and how easy it is to make someone feel better.
  • Offering the gift of time, and listening without judgment or advice.
  • How a strong marriage creates a strong family.
  • Being present, and making space for flexibility and spontaneity.

Veronica Porter Tweetables

  • “My passion is to create a community in all I do: from growing a garden to preparing a meal, to educating, gathering, and enjoying life’s harvest.” – Veronica Porter
  • “When you give, you get so much more back. You meet people where they are at, and you learn about their situation, and it gives you a totally different perspective.” – Veronica Porter
  • “Unfortunately a lot of people with hidden disabilities have been shut down, and told they can’t pursue careers or achieve anything.” – Veronica Porter
  • “It’s so easy to make someone feel better and to take the burden off them.” – Veronica Porter


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