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During his time in college, Dan Rubins wanted to get involved in a music program, but he found that many of them were generating competition among students, and he was seeking connection and community. 

And so, Hear Your Song was born: a non-profit serving kids ages 6 to 18 with serious illnesses and complex health needs to make their voices heard through collaborative songwriting.

Based in NYC but available virtually nationwide, Hear Your Song helps children with a wide range of physical and mental-health-related diagnoses share their medical journey or emotions through song. It is a child-driven process where children share what they want and choose how to define themselves. 

From silly songs to emotional songs, from explaining the journey of a particular illness to songs about inequality, the children Dan and his team have worked with never fail to impress with their creativity, maturity, and determination. 

This project helps children feel empowered and in control of what is usually an uncontrollable and disheartening situation. Today, Dan has joined me on this episode to share more about his work, how you can use music as a tool, and how you can get involved in this beautiful project. 

I highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel to listen to many beautiful and moving songs they’ve created alongside these brave children.

Key Takeaways with Dan Rubins

  • The power of music for personal development. 
  • How music is used as a learning and advocating tool. 
  • How children with a diagnosis are empowered to define themselves outside of their disease.
  • The beautiful ways that Hear Your Song has provided an emotional outlet for children in difficult medical journeys. 
  • The connection and relationships that are being built with others who are on similar journeys. 
  • Why creating a safe and empowering environment for children to find their voice is so important.

Dan Rubins Tweetables

  • “We’re trying to create a space where kids are heard and celebrated during their medical journey, and share the things that they want to share.” – Dan Rubins
  • “One of the things that always amazes me is how much kids who have lived with a chronic illness have had to develop incredibly mature philosophies of living.” – Dan Rubins


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