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Friendly Warning: The content in this episode may be difficult for some listeners

In recent years we’ve seen a big shift toward mental health awareness, but unfortunately, our society doesn’t always acknowledge mental health in the same way as physical health.

I am so grateful to have Kathi Meyers on the podcast today as a powerful reminder of the things we can do to prioritize our family’s mental health.

Kathi and her husband, Brandon, have their hearts rooted in service. Their commitment is towards ending the stigma associated with mental health issues through education & changes in public policy. Together they started the Samuel R. Myers Foundation for Suicide and Mental Health Awareness in 2017, shortly after their 19-year-old son’s suicide.

Kathi has worked in the medical field for nearly 30 years, while Brandon has worked for more than 26 years in law enforcement. Their personal and professional experience provides a unique insight into mental health challenges.

They remind us that mental health does not discriminate and can affect even the most involved, caring, attentive, and close-knit families from healthy homes.

By sharing Sam’s story, Kathi provides incredible guidance on different resources available to parents and caregivers, the various steps they took towards finding help for their son, the obstacles they had to overcome, as well as the social pressure their son felt while navigating OCD, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and even digestive issues.

Kathi also shares difficult but heartwarming advice on dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event like her son’s passing, including her journey with post-traumatic stress disorder and situational grief.

Hearing a story like Kathi’s can be difficult for some, but it is an important and eye-opening conversation that will leave you with a few helpful tools that may one day help you or someone you know.

Key Takeaways with Kathi Meyers

  • Prioritizing mental health at the same level as physical health.
  • Ending the stigma associated with mental health through education & public policy.
  • Mental health does not discriminate, and can affect anyone.
  • Great resources for parents and caregivers of children with mental health issues.
  • How mental health can affect the whole family.
  • The power of local communities, and supporting those struggling with their mental health.
  • How to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder & situational grief.
  • Movements & policies that are changing mental health awareness.
  • Creating beauty from ashes: moving forward from a tragic event.

Kathi Meyers Tweetables

  • “Don’t put your mental health on the backburner: if you feel like you need a break, show yourself some grace and take a break.” – Kathi Meyers
  • “No one thinks about mental health until it affects them. You don’t think that’s ever going to be your story. So it’s important that we share our story, so people don’t feel so alone.” – Kathi Meyers
  • “I know he was feeling helpless, and we were as well. So it became our goal to find a way to live in a healthy way, while dealing with these mental health disorders.” – Kathi Meyers
  • “When we listen to each other’s stories, we gain an understanding of a lot of things that we may never experience. But we may know someone who ends up in that situation, and we can show up for them a lot better.” – Jamie Freedlund


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