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There are very few things as powerful as the strength, courage, and resilience parents find when caring for their sick children. As Dr. Patrick Myers puts it, it is “mind-blowing” what families can do when thinking about their kids.

I thought a beautiful way to kick off 2023 would be to celebrate this bond that unites NICU families by inviting Dr. Patrick to share with us the biggest lessons he has learned and teaches, to help families navigate the NICU journey.

This episode is especially helpful for those of you currently in the NICU, or for extended family and friends who want to know how to best support their loved ones during this difficult journey.

Dr. Patrick Myers is the Fellowship Director of Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine at Lurie Children’s Hospital at Northwestern University. I’ve known him since our daughter Mattea was born and I can tell you that his passion for nurturing the next generation of physicians to be caring, compassionate, and connected to their families is truly heartwarming.

Dr. Myers shares excellent advice on how to advocate for your children during their NICU stay, what he has learned from both parents and the babies he works with, and advice on how best to support each other through difficult times. I have no doubt that his work will certainly lead to a new generation of doctors that are not just excellent practitioners, but also indispensable emotional support for families. I hope you find this episode as inspiring as I did, and that hearing his advice will help you and your family feel more confident during your NICU stay.

Key Takeaways with Dr. Patrick Myers

  • What you can expect from an unexpected stay at the NICU.
  • How families find resilience and strength during difficult life changes.
  • The miraculous adaptability and strength of NICU babies.
  • No two NICU experiences are the same, but connecting with families in the NICU can make you feel less alone.
  • Advice for family members & friends wanting to support their loved ones.
  • The importance of rest and tag-teaming your NICU stay whenever possible.
  • Tools to lessen the emotional burden of your stay.
  • How to create a positive relationship with your medical team.
  • How he’s training the next generation of physicians to be better emotionally equipped.

Dr. Patrick Myers Tweetables

  • “It is mind-blowing to me how resilient people are when they are thinking about their children.” – Dr. Patrick Myers
  • “I would tell extended family members: your presence alone, and just acknowledging that you might not know what to do but that you are there for them, is enough.” – Dr. Patrick Myers
  • “The families that do better are the ones that get rest. The compounding factor of really high stress and concern for your kid makes it hard to get rest. For the families who tag-team or find a way to get sleep, it is emotionally less burdening.” – Dr. Patrick Myers
  • “Watching nurses, doctors, and other staff interact with families and babies makes you really understand how much people care for each other and how people strive to do better in their life.” – Dr. Patrick Myers


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