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After the lessons and connections my family experienced during our journey in the NICU with our daughter Mattea, I knew I wanted to be a part of the moving force that helps so many families in the NICU find their own strength and support. 

Today’s guest is Theresa Schreiber. Theresa also knows what it’s like to spend time in the NICU and lose a baby, and she talks about how she transformed that loss in a beautiful way to give back to the NICU community. 

For those that don’t know, Theresa was a teacher for 15 years. She talks about how her experiences with the NICU staff would inspire her to become Family Support Program Coordinator through the March of Dimes, where she helps educate parents on their NICU journeys. 

She shares many different resources available to parents as well as some of the areas of concern and how to address them. She reminds us of the importance of self-care as NICU parents and how finding connections within the NICU community can make the experience feel less daunting and intimidating. 

You’ll also hear great advice on celebrating milestones, overcoming setbacks, joining classes to get more information on how to care for your NICU baby, and dealing with the parental guilt of feeling joy and pain simultaneously throughout your journey.

Key Takeaways with Theresa Schreiber

  • The best ways to support NICU parents during setbacks and heartbreak.
  • Celebrate milestones, no matter how small, to help keep a positive outlook.
  • How former NICU parents can offer support to current NICU parents.
  • Family Support Programs and other helpful resources parents can use. 
  • The benefits of Kangaroo Time, Skin-To-Skin Bonding, and understanding the baby’s development.
  • How holidays look different while in the NICU and easy ways to celebrate them. 
  • The power of community and connection with other NICU parents.
  • Dealing of the parental guilt of feeling joy and pain at the same time.

Theresa Schreiber Tweetables

  • “It wasn’t just one person that was amazing at working with my son and family – it was the whole team. That was really something special. And I knew then that if I could ever be a part of that team, I would be more than honored.” – Theresa Schreiber
  • “We have to find ways to celebrate some of these joys in the NICU. Maybe it’s just ten minutes to connect with other parents, or just have a sweet treat, because that’s a good, positive ten minutes right there.” – Theresa Schreiber
  • “Make new traditions that incorporate the whole family and honor the family member that is no longer here. It’s always meaningful and special.” – Theresa Schreiber
  • “It’s really easy to just decide what you think someone needs or to go and do something just because it feels comfortable to you. And there’s nothing wrong with those things, but I think you can do a higher, greater good when you just pause and listen.” – Jamie Freedlund


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