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Is it possible to experience incredible joy through moments of extreme pain?

Jennifer Trepanier has dedicated her life’s work to bringing happiness into the lives of those going through difficult health journeys.

But she is no stranger to hardship herself: having struggled with a rare autoimmune condition her entire life and even facing the prospect of death, Jennifer joined her personal experience with a Masters Degree in psychophysiology (the study of the body and mind) and a Mastery Method Coach Certification to teach others how to navigate their pain.

Most importantly, Jennifer holds her life motto (“Within darkness, there is light, and joy heals”) close to her heart with everything she does. As part of her mission to help others find joy in their journey she founded Pile of Puppies (a non-profit which brings joy to chronically ill children), and Wells of Wisdom (teaching clients to release unconscious blocks).

Today, she’s teaching us how to embrace and welcome pain, support those going through difficulties, and how best to advocate for our children.

Most importantly, she shares the difference between “belonging” vs “fitting in”, and how sharing our journeys and being vulnerable makes space for deep connection.

Jennifer is also launching a book on her “four pillars”, which will become available in 2023, that touches on the topics of death, wisdom within illness, embracing sensuality, and motherhood. I’m thrilled to be back for season 2 of the podcast and I hope you’ll continue to get a lot of value and inspiration from the guests we have lined up who are sharing they joy they have found on their journey. Enjoy! 

Key Takeaways with Jennifer Trepanier

  • Teaching children and adults how to express and embrace their pain in multiple ways (writing, drawing, sharing their story etc…)
  • How to show up for sick loved ones and be a source of positive energy.
  • The difference between belonging vs just fitting in and learning not to hide our illnesses.
  • Discovering our ability to feel extremely positive feelings (like joy and laughter) alongside very difficult ones like pain or our immortality.
  • How connecting with your body and mind can help you get out of less optimal patterns.
  • Surrendering to “what is” because we never know when our last moments will be.

Jennifer Trepanier Tweetables

  • “Within darkness, there is light, and joy heals.” – Jennifer Trepanier
  • “You can be incredibly weak physically, but your soul and your spirit could soar. They can become stronger than you could ever imagine.” – Jennifer Trepanier
  • “It’s in the expression of pain and sadness that you start seeing the light. Tunnels always have an end where there is light; if parents can hold that space and embrace the unknown with their children, that can be really powerful.”  – Jennifer Trepanier
  • “Everybody’s challenge has a gift and if you don’t share that, the gift is never opened. When you’re vulnerable, there are less people feeling alone in the world.” – Jennifer Trepanier


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