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Jordan and Nikki Arseneau

It’s not uncommon for a family to experience kindness and generosity when a child is diagnosed with cancer. But when that family finds joy in paying it forward, it’s a pretty incredible thing to see. That’s why I’m so excited to share the journey that Jordan and Nikki Arseneau are on with you today.

Their medical journey started a little over a year ago when their 4-year-old, Joy, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. And if that wasn’t enough, Nikki also lost her father during this time. With their faith in God and help from their friends and family, they have found ways to bring joy to others.

You’ll hear about how their daughter, Joy, is getting her smile back, even while going through the daily treatments of chemotherapy. They also share the wonderful story about how their son created a fundraiser that raised over $2000 for JoyStrong.

You’ll also hear about the silver linings that came with Covid, the overwhelming help and support from their community, and the organizations that not only changed their life for the better but inspired them to always say yes when it came to generosity. If you want to support JoyStrong, you can find more information here.

Key Takeaways with Jordan and Nikki Arseneau

  • The silver lining of starting a medical journey during Covid-19.
  • How the pandemic has actually made things safer for families that are dealing with similar medical issues.
  • The connection with others that they found while in the hospital.
  • The organizations that will change your family’s medical journey.
  • How their faith in God gave them the strength to carry-on.
  • The helpful perspectives that they gained connecting with others who were experiencing similar issues.
  • That God has a plan, we just have to see the big picture.
  • The joy from seeing your children learn the spirit of generosity by following your example.
  • How to practice gratitude within your life and be thankful for the little things when you know that other families are facing bigger challenges.

Jordan and Nikki Arseneau Tweetables

  • 10 percent of life is what happens to you. And 90 percent is how you respond.” – Jordan Arseneau
  • The bigger perspective is that God has a plan so we can only see what’s in front of us right now. We see pixels and there’s a way bigger picture.” -Jordan Arseneau
  • “God has become more real in times of crisis for me. I mean, my whole life, I follow Jesus. But it’s in those valleys where he’s incredibly close and you sense his presence.” – Nikki Arseneau
  • You just find a little bit of joy when things feel normal and you don’t appreciate normalcy until everything gets turned on its head.” – Nikki Arseneau


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