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There truly is nothing more moving than seeing parents who have experienced the loss of a child look for meaningful ways to celebrate their child’s life. Some say grief is love with nowhere to go, and channeling it toward honoring a loved one can be a beautiful way to heal and find joy in the journey.

I invited Lacey Bracken to join me on this episode and share the story of her beautiful family. Lacey is a mom to four little girls, including Finley, their 3-year-old daughter, who tragically lost her battle with cancer; Lacey has found incredible ways to celebrate life and pay it forward.

Shortly after Finley’s passing, the Brackens founded the Finley Forever Foundation, whose primary goal is to provide “hope, support, and financial assistance to families and children affected by cancer.”

From throwing Finley a yearly charitable birthday party (the Finley Fest), with which they’ve raised over $80,000, to the Lights & Ladders Brigade (a team of volunteers that lights up the homes of families battling cancer on Christmas), they’ve touched the hearts of hundreds of families and kept Finley’s spirit alive.

Join us on today’s episode as we discuss dealing with a childhood cancer diagnosis, managing jobs/children/tasks while caring for a hospitalized child, finding support and asking for help, and many other helpful topics.

Key Takeaways with Lacey Bracken

  • Managing work, family, and other tasks while caring for a hospitalized child.
  • Finding ways to stay calm through difficult moments and decisions.
  • How reaching out to families walking a similar path can be incredibly helpful.
  • Dealing with the loss of a child, and how to avoid letting grief consume you.
  • Celebrating life and honoring loved ones that are no longer with us.
  • How paying it forward can help you heal.
  • Finding the balance between “good” and “bad” thoughts.

Lacey Bracken Tweetables

  • “It’s hard to say yes to help, especially when you’re always the helper.” – Lacey Bracken
  • “Share your story, get out there, meet the other families. Because even if your situations are a little bit different, someone will always be able to give you a good piece of advice, or you might be able to give it to them.” – Lacey Bracken
  • “You need to find ways to not be drained in your work life, to be able to show up in meaningful ways for the rest of your life.” – Jamie Freedlund
  • “Everyone experiences the rollercoaster of emotions, the ups and downs. When you feel the downs, try not to stay there too long.” – Lacey Bracken


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