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“Our body is made up of water, and music vibrates us.” – Paul Cardall

If you’ve ever had the perfect song start playing on the radio when you needed it most, listened to a song that made you cry, or felt nostalgic as music carried you back in time, then you know just how powerful music can be.

I’m beyond delighted to welcome Paul Cardall to the show to have him share his insights on how music can help us heal in times of grief or sorrow.

Paul has been endorsed as one of the world’s finest pianists and is an award-winning musician, composer, and producer. He has held 11 number one Billboard albums and is one of the most listened to artists of modern time with 30 million monthly listeners.

His work with music goes so much deeper than what you initially hear on the surface: Paul was born with congenital heart disease and half of a functioning heart. He has not only walked in the shoes of a child managing chronic illness and undergoing a transplant, but has also extensively witnessed the stories that take place within the walls of a children’s hospital.

Paul shares beautiful stories of resilience, grief, loss, and hope (some of which inspired his work, like Gracie’s Theme). His passion for music and faith has not only helped guide him through his journey but has also touched many people’s lives.

His partnership with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation helps children’s hospitals nationwide embrace music therapy and inspires us to work through our grief and help others do the same.

I have no doubt that you’ll love his advice on how to help children define themselves outside of their illness, how music and creativity have their own healing powers, and how we can all find joy in our journey by being present and expressing gratitude.

Key Takeaways with Paul Cardall

  • Paul’s advice on managing and working through grief.
  • The true meaning of having a fellowship of people that you can confide in.
  • How Paul navigated life with a chronic illness, both as a child & as a parent.
  • How to heal through music and creativity, both physically & emotionally.
  • Helping children define themselves outside their illness and the negative side effects of being called “a miracle”.
  • That it’s okay to accept help from your community in times of need whether it’s from church, hospitals or your neighbors.

Paul Cardall Tweetables

  • “As a Christian, I believe in fellowship. And fellowship means that you’re able to confess with one another. And confessing doesn’t necessarily mean you point out your sins. It means you point out your burdens. Because when you’re down, they’re there for you. And when they’re down, you’re there for them.” – Paul Cardall
  • “Grief is part of everyone’s walk on Earth. Everybody lives, and everybody dies. So grief is something we can carry each other through because we’ve all experienced it.” – Jamie Freedlund
  • “Our body is made up of water, and music vibrates us. The brain frequencies are soothing our bodies by the type of music we listen to. That’s the kind of music I make: the one that helps you relax.” – Paul Cardall


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