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How do you keep going after losing your child? How do you deal with the grief when life has to continue for not just yourself but also your family?

Today, I’m speaking with Amanda Fierce. Amanda is a 5th-grade teacher, mother of three beautiful children, a volunteer for multiple causes, and a huge supporter of Mattea’s Joy.

At only 23 weeks into her pregnancy, Amanda’s water broke unexpectedly. She held off on her labor for 14 days before finally giving birth to her son Connor. During his stay in the NICU, Connor suffered from an infection, forcing Amanda to deal with the jarring realization that her son would die at just 2 weeks old, shifting her family’s life forever with a trauma they weren’t prepared for.

In today’s episode, Amanda teaches us how to come to terms with grief, the lessons that she sometimes wished she never had to learn, and how to find the peace that’s right for you.

She tells us that even though we’ll never forget those painful memories, the sharp edges of our heartache will soften over time.

Key Takeaways with Amanda Fierce

  • Coming to terms with heartache.
  • Why people distance themselves from loved ones after trauma.
  • Take the signs that life offers.
  • The shifts that change your family life forever.
  • Finding the peace that’s right for you.
  • How do you navigate everything that comes with loss?
  • How do you handle feeling alone?
  • How do you reintegrate yourself into the world around you?
  • Coming to terms with the reality of losing a child.
  • Can you find peace in death?
  • How to be there for someone else when they need it most.

 Amanda Fierce Tweetables

  • Joy and grief can go hand-in-hand and that’s okay. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission for that.” – Amanda Fierce
  • After something bad happens, we kind of look for the next good thing, and that might not look like how we want it to look.” – Amanda Fierce
  • Our emotions soften, even though our memories don’t go away.”– Amanda Fierce


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