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If there’s one thing that I’ve learned since starting this podcast, it’s the power of sharing stories. And today’s guest would wholeheartedly agree with that, as she’s been helping women share their stories in powerful and meaningful ways for years.

Jenette Jurczyk is the National Director of the She Said Project and a Professional Storytelling Coach. She’s also the co-founder and President of the Family Room, a non-profit organization that supports foster children and families in her community. She’s also the host of the She Said Podcast, which features the women who have taken the stage, held the microphone, and shared their story.

In 2015, Jenette found her purpose and has been using her experience as an actor and director ever since to direct live performances and create a space where women are empowered to share stories they never thought they could.

Jenette has not only helped countless women, but she’s also created That’s What Teens Say, a 3-day program where teenage girls have the opportunity to have the same experiences, which is so important and brings joy to so many for all the same reasons.

As we wrap up season 2 of the podcast, I couldn’t be happier to share this conversation with all of you and end the season on such a positive and uplifting note. In this episode, you’ll get a glimpse of the tremendous impact that Jenette’s passion has had on so many women, how her work allows women to give permission to themselves, the beautiful and moving stories that are shared, and how much joy Jenette receives in return.

Key Takeaways with Jenette Jurczyk

  • The sense of relief you feel by sharing your story, listening to someone else’s story and having an epiphany.
  • How the power of the She Said Project gives women permission to talk about themselves.
  • The importance of finding or creating a place to explore your thoughts on your own or through social media.
  • The incredible story of Donna Jones and how much of an impact it’s had on Jenette.
  • The success of That’s What Teens Say 3-day program for teenage girls and how important it is for young women to have the same experiences.
  • The deep bonds that are created in spaces where you dive into the real life stuff instead of small talk.
  • The pure joy that Jenette experiences every day by creating a space where women can share their stories.

Jenette Jurczyk Tweetables

  • “There is a great sense of relief in not just sharing your story, but having someone hear your story and then sitting back and listening to someone else’s story and having that epiphany.” – Jenette Jurczyk
  • “I think there is some power in helping other people to see the hard parts too, and the really vulnerable stuff, because that’s where we relate and connect and feel heard.” – Jamie Freedlund
  • “In today’s digital age, storytelling is done in 140 characters and three emojis. We’re stunting our own ability to express ourselves and connect with other human beings.” – Jenette Jurczyk
  • “The more women who get to hear these stories, the more impact we can have.” – Jenette Jurczyk


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